Opening Hours

Mon, Thu: 4pm - 6pm



Pilgrimage-, Parish- and
Silent-Night Museum Mariapfarr
Joseph-Mohr-Platz 1
A - 5571 Mariapfarr

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Please use the marked parking areas. The museum is located inside the presbytery of the church of Mariapfarr. The entrance to the presbytery can be reached from the pedestrian area. The entrance to the museum is located at the norh eastern corner of the court yard.

The church of Mariapfarr can also be reached from the pedestrian area. The stairs leading to the cemetery and the church, are located approximately 50 meters from the entrance to the presbytery.

For handicapped people it is possible to access the pedestrian area by car and to park directly in front of the entrance. The entrance to the museum is easily accessible and the employees of the museum will gladly assist. The church, however, is only accessible by climbing the stairs. Please contact an employee of the museum for a guided tour and/or assistance.