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October: Thursday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The museum is closed in April, May and November.




Adults: EUR 5.00,

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young people: EUR 3.00,

children (from 6 years) EUR 1.00


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The Autograph

In 1995, an employee of the museum "Karolinum Augusteum" in Salzburg caused a small historical sensation: an autograph from one of her inheritances was scientiffically confirmed to be written by Joseph Mohr.

Another sensation, apart from the discovery of a handwritten document by Mohr, was caused by the date it contains. This information revealed the true date in which this famous Christmas carol was composed, as well as its exact place of origin. The year "1816" and the note "Coadjutor" unmistakably refer to Mariapfarr as the carol's place of origin because Joseph Mohr was the coadjutor of Mariapfarr at that time.

The signature also contains the note "m. ia" = "manu propria" (with my own hand), which proves that Joseph Mohr wrote the document himself. Therefore, after the discovery of this autograph, the history of the Christmas carol "Silent Night" had to be rewritten.